Scott is a licensed resident in counseling who has earned a MA in Human Services Counseling in Addiction in Recovery and a M.Ed. in School Counseling from Liberty University. Scott started his counseling degree as License Professional Counseling student and this gave him the opportunity to have a counseling background studying all three curriculums. Scott has worked as a Substance Abuse counselor treating patients who suffer from opioid addiction and other SUDs. Scott has worked with school-age children as a board approved Mental Health professional. Scott also is an effective outpatient counselor for adults and children who have been diagnosed with some form of mental health disorder.

Scott offers over 30 years of counseling experience with a faith-base foundation and has earned a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling Psychology for client’s who desire a faith-based approach to counseling services. Scott uses an eclectic approach when counseling and is all about making sure the client’s needs are met in the therapeutic process. Scott is a doctoral student at Liberty University and is currently earning his Ed.D in Community Care in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family. Scott’s philosophy in counseling is that nobody has to stay in a stuck place mentally if they are willing to take the steps to mental wellness.