Kelsey is a Marriage and Family Therapist Resident counselor, graduated with her MA in Marriage Couple Family Counseling from Liberty University in May 2023, and is supervised by Mark A Saunders Sr, Ph.D., LMFT. Kelsey has 4+ years of experience working with families, young children, adolescents, and individual adults from a wide variety of backgrounds in the community and home settings.

As a solution-focused marriage and family therapist resident, Kelsey strives to empower all clients through building upon and celebrating their unique strengths and helping them find real solutions to their concerns by drawing upon the tools and abilities they already have. Kelsey incorporates elements of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) in her couples’ work and is enthusiastic about helping parents and children repair and strengthen their attachment bonds.

A Virginia native, Kelsey earned her B.A. in 2018 from Southern Virginia University, with a Major in Psychology and a double Minor in Art and Family & Child Development. She enjoys incorporating visual art media and music, as appropriate, when working with a variety of clients. Some of Kelsey’s favorite leisure activities include making collages and watercolors, listening to counseling and psychology podcasts, and baking for friends and family.