I believe that one of the most important aspects of the counseling process, is to create an emotionally safe environment for my clients to explore some of the challenges they are experiencing in their lives. I believe that the counselor, client relationship is cultivated through safety and trust, and is sacred. As a Christian, I can incorporate a faith-based approach to counseling. However, sensitivity and respect for all cultures and belief systems is of primary importance to me. I have experience in working with individuals, married couples and couples that are seeking premarital counseling. My therapeutic approach is rooted in person-centered therapy (PCT) and Cognitive-Behavorial therapy (CBT). These modes of therapy focus on client advocacy, intra-personal awareness and thought patterns that trigger patterns of behavior.

I believe that one of the primary challenges that clients face, is personal incongruence. Incongruence is the disparity between one’s core values and their behavior. The dichotomy that this creates can lead to unhealthy distortions in one’s thought life and undermine an individuals ability to foster and maintain healthy relationships. This can lead to struggles with anxiety, depression, etc. My goal is to enhance the client’s self-awareness, work with the client to restructure thought patterns that are inconsistent with a client’s core values as the client learns to self-advocate for their mental health and overall well-being. I am excited and honored to take this journey with you!